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Kłodzko land

Kłodzko Land is a historical region in southwestern Poland. From geographical perspective Kłodzko Land consists of the Kłodzko Valley and the surrounding Sudetes mountains. It is named after its capital city, Kłodzko. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. 

Fourteen towns and communes of the Kłodzko district are placed in beautiful environment: high-placed observation points, marvelous rock formations, splashing waterfalls, romantic ruins, monumental buildings, interesting industrial objects. 
Furthermore, the touristic routes, attractive accommodation and delicious regional cuisine had made this region really popular place for visiting. 

Its attractions are rich in tourists, especially those who like hiking and ski trails, horse riding, canoeing and rafting or simply having some rest.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend

Health resorts with mineral waters is an obligatory orientation point for those who want to restore thier vital energies. 

Amazing mountrains, extraordinary landscapes, many different rodk formationns, rock crevices, labyrinths and boulders can be found on Szczeliniec Wielki and Błędne Skały, the Śnieżnik Mountrains, the Table Mountrains, the Orlicke Mountrains, the Bystrzyckie Mountrains, the Golden Mountrains, the Bialskie Mountrains, the Owl mountrains, the Bardzkie Mountrains and Czarna Góra. 

The rich history of the region: castles, manor houses, defensive structures, monuments of nature. Worth seeing are: Fortress complex with underground labyrinths, Glatzer Drifts, an underground Tunnel complex of Walimscy, Fortress Srebrnogórska, gold mine in the Golden Slope, Bear Caves and Uranium Mine in Kletno.

Museums with rich collections. 
We recommend: Museum of Klodzko in Kłodzko, Museum of papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój,The Frog Museum, Toys Museum, open-air Museum of folk culture in Kudowa Zdrój, TheMining museum in Nowa Ruda.

The destiny of many pilgrimages, the oasis of silence and prayer, known places are: theBasilica in Wambierzyce, the Chapel of skulls and Kalwaria in Czermna, The shrine of ourLady of guardian of the Faith in Brda, the shrine of the "Snow Maria " at the top of theIgliczna mountain.

For active tourist

For active tourist

Dozens of mountrain trails trails of different difficulty levels, numerous bicycle lanes, viewpoints, walking and therapeutic routes. Hiking in the surrounding hills, valleys, landscape parks will provide you with plenty of unforgettable impressions and spectacular views.

Places for winter sports, numerous ski runs, ski lifts, the most attractive ones are: Skiing Centre in Zieleniec with its 28 ski lifts and a cable railway and Czarna Góra which offers 8 ski lifts and a cable railway. Kilometres of cross-country ski runs on both Polish and Czech side of the border.

If you have already seen all the wonders of nature, monuments, mountrains, restaurants and spas you can always visit the Czech part of the Sudetes. There are quite a few interesting and worth seeing places just across the border. Moreover, the taste of the Czech beer and knedliki (famous Czech potato dumplings) also attract the visitors.

Kłodzko Land offers numerous attractions for active people. If you are an enthusiast of horse riding, playing golf, paint ball, fishing or rafting you will definitely find something for yourself.

Cultural, musical, film and poetry events are for example: The International Festival of Amateur Films POL-8, The Sources of Art in Polanica Zdrój, The Moniuszko's Festiwal in Kudowa Zdrój, The International Chopin Piano Festival in Duszniki Zdrój or The International Festival of folklore in Nowa Ruda.

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