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National of Chopin in Tomek Sikora's photography

The exhibition is like a sentimental glance with a visionary eye of a perfect photographer at Polishness, Polishness that manifests itself in memories of nature, autumnal colours, landscapes or trees covered in snow, and also rooted with our tradition of cultures. Sikora, similar to Chopin, has tasted emigration, which has probably become the impulse of nostalgic glances at the music of the great composer. The artist has discovered anew a vision in front of us, which is like a dream, casual snippets of memories imposing on us its presence being at the same time the sensual quintessence of childhood memories. These visions recalling the charms of a Polish village, its nature, and people in peasants’ huts or working in the fields seem to echo in the chords of Chopin’s piano, but also strongly emanate in them the visionary creation of Tomek Sikora becoming an excellent mixture of landscapes and portraits.